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Setting up any project for success is the key driver in the industry and, to this end, PO3 experts:


  • concentrate on all three strategic elements of any candidate project: corporate, marketing, and operational strategy

  • assess each project and report on existing or predicted conditions, offering appropriate advice

  • focus on the direction of all operational processes that guarantee excellence and superior customer satisfaction

Expert Consultants in Lifestyle
F&B and Nightlife Consulting Experts

A balanced mix of foreign and local experts makes our core team highly valuable. PO3 was founded by:

  • an accomplished luxury, lifestyle and FMCG industry professional, packing an extensive local and international track record 

  • a seasoned hospitality consultant and product developer in the F&B industry, specializing in high-end and premium products, and

  • a pioneer in Business Engineering (Hons) with considerable management and consulting experience in the fintech industry and beyond.

Expert F&B Consultants

Lifestyle attitude business ventures and projects face several challenges, such as:

  • seeking initial or additional funding

  • concept development and project startup

  • incorporating industry best practices

  • strategizing on how to expand or scale up

  • evolving from owner-operator models to professional management

Through both streamlined client consulting and B2B partnerships and mediation, PO3’s unique value proposition, based on a variety of specific services, offers bespoke solutions for all such challenges.

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