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POWER OF 3 (PO3) niche consulting team, is a full-service, high-powered  business platform – specializing in building value – focusing in all aspects of projects across APAC. The PO3 experts and approach ensures sound planning and structure, seamless execution and operation, and a successful performance throughout a project’s lifespan and/or stages. 

From concept design and investment, to management, fruition and exit.


With over 80 years of collective expertise and experience, we do add value.

The logo itself is a carefully crafted expression which resonates our MISSION as it clearly asserts that "we deliver success, under any circumstance, in every possible way."

Our VALUES rest with the statement that “we don't settle for average.” This motto means “always strive to improve and do better until you get what you want, what you deserve, or what is the best”. Getting complacent and settling into a comfort zone is easy, but comfort zones do not lead to growth, progress or success.

Stemming from the founders’ own lifelong paths and sets of values, this motto reflects the ethos and winning attitude that PO3 brings to its clientele , to each project, and to the market.

PO3, however, is much more than just a brand or a logo. It is our commitment in the market: PO3 brings in and represents “power” - i.e. structure - a keyword in perfect alignment with the market’s needs, while based on 3 solid pillars - i.e. the most stable footing  on any surface - namely: Strategy, Advisory and Operations.


F&B Consultanting Experts
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