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PO3 provides Strategy, Advisory and Operations consulting services, covering all stages and phases of lifestyle attitude projects, in all their aspects – from concept development and strategy, to design, to investment, to business and financial planning, to management, marketing and process development, to setup and execution, to performance monitoring, improvement and scaling, to corporate and shareholding structures, including M&A and divestment/exit options:

Consulting Services for F&B and Nightlife projects

Setting up a project for success is the key driver in the industry and, to this end, PO3 experts will concentrate on all three strategic levels – corporate, marketing, and operational strategy – adjusted to specific circumstances.

  • Corporate/Marketing/Outlet Strategy

  • Concept & Business Development

  • Various outlets Design

  • Capex/Opex Planning

  • PAP – Marketing Alignment

  • Market Analysis

  • Fundraising/Essentials

  • Project Budgeting & Management

  • Reporting Solutions (plug'n'play)


PO3 experts assess each project and report on existing or predicted conditions, offering advice on managing these. Their professional and tailored guidance will facilitate calculated consideration  prior to – costly – decision making.

  • Business Valuation – utilizing multiple methods

  • Financial Review & Statements Finalization

  • Audit and Due Diligence Management

  • Files & Documentation Preparation

  • Organizational Planning & Changes

  • Structure Strategy & Optimization

  • P&L Drivers Management


Operations is at the core of any lifestyle project, and the key for success, as it covers all the various functions of the business. PO3 experts focus on the direction of all processes that guarantee excellence and superior customer satisfaction.

  • Systems Implementation & Flow Auditing

  • Utilization Analysis & Process Training

  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

  • Reporting Solutions (plug'n'play)

  • Forecasting and Cost Saving

  • F&B: Food & Drink Menu Content and Design

  • F&B: Cocktail & Wine List Creation

  • F&B: Beverage Program



PO3 acts as a unique B2B platform (or B2B medium), capable of bringing international brands and concepts to the local market, onboarding strategic partners and securing alignment and synergies. In addition, it offers specialty services while enhancing communication between different parties, including agreement & contract negotiation, as well as a wide range of specification settings necessary for project clarity:

B2B Services for F&B projects
  • sought by local entrepreneurs – search, contact, mediation and negotiation

  • seeking local partners and/or market entry – search, contact, mediation and negotiation

  • specialized concept development with designated expert architectural firms

  • corporate and executive collaboration with top level international chefs

  • specialized recruitment specifications with premium recruitment firms

  • specialized mediation and management of business due diligence with Big 4 Audit firms

  • tailored business development planning with leading suppliers

  • Comprehensive Contract Negotiations

  • Agreement Discussion and Representation

  • Specifications Clarification on project aspects

  • General Communication and/or Mediation between parties

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